Why Plans Usually Don’t Work

When you are starting from scratch people are going to tell you how it’s really important to have a plan. However, an inadequate plan can make everything less motivating and contribute to the final failure.

It’s easy to talk about business failures nowadays, as everyone is so happy to brag about their own. So, let’s try and have a look from a different perspective. It’s interesting to think about why workout plans are usually not successful. I consider exercise to be a very important part of my life, so this blog post is more about that. However, we can agree that you can apply most of the conclusions in the paragraphs below to your business.

Why am I Doing This Anyway?

I think it was mid-2014 when I decided it was time for me to make some kind of changes in my lifestyle. Being 23 and slightly overweight wasn’t an alarming issue, but the problem was obvious. If I kept living like that, it would eventually lead me to be really fat and unhealthy, therefore unhappy. Most of the freelancers can relate to this, but only a few will take the situation seriously. I tried doing it before it was too late or too hard to go back.

What I did turn out to be really amazing and it helped me in every aspect of my life. I knew myself well enough to understand what motivates me and how to build an active lifestyle. It’s important to make workouts a long-term commitment rather than an adventure which would only last for a few months. Also, I had to learn to love doing it or it would make me even more miserable.

The crucial element for my mindset is that I didn’t want my goals to be a bunch of numbers. It wasn’t important how much weight would I lose. I didn’t care how much I would bench press, or whether I will have a single digit body fat percentage. Feeling uncomfortable if I don’t go to the gym for a few days in a row without a good reason is what I wanted. I tend to make every week more challenging than the one before. After a couple of years, this feeling still doesn’t fade, so I guess we can say that my plan works.

But why do most of the plans fail?

I Can’t Wait to Have a Bad Start

If I was to write about the worst way to start your body transformation or any other plan, it would probably include all the cliches you can think of.

  • Buy expensive equipment.
  • Start going to the gym and pay for a yearly membership.
  • Wake up inexplicably early every morning.
  • Drink 60 glasses of water per day.
  • Eat a medium-sized salad leaf for every meal.
  • Add the “fitness lover” to your Instagram bio.

There is no recorded evidence of someone actually sticking to this kind of “plan” for longer than a week. So, let’s just call it as it is. Yes, that is bullshit, my friends. The first rule of a good plan is not to burn out in just a few days.

Can I Have Your Plan, Please?

Since stories like mine motivate people, my friends wanted to start transforming their lives in a similar way. But the majority of people have a lack of basic self-discipline and motivation. To compensate that, they usually hire someone to help them with making a plan. Sometimes people visit a nutritionist, start training with a personal trainer, but most of the time they just ask friends for advice. That’s a great way to start, by all means, but it’s really more of a research rather than a plan. So go ahead, get some useful information, just don’t call it a plan.

When you are looking for the right plan there are numerous things to watch out for. If a plan comes with some kind of guarantee it’s probably not even worth your time. On the other hand, if something seems way too easy to do I sincerely doubt it will take you anywhere.

Can I Have Any Plan, Pretty Please?

Another common scenario for having others take care of your plan is the lack of understanding each other. Sometimes you will get a very generic plan when you need it to be custom made. Other times you will get a perfect plan on paper, but unfortunately, it’s not gonna work for you. It’s really hard to jump into a healthy lifestyle if you were a couch potato just yesterday. Start slow and start from a familiar territory, then gradually improve.

Just like you can’t form a new habit or learn a new skill overnight, it’s impossible to make a switch to an entirely new lifestyle. There are many plans which don’t take your preferences, your strong and weak points into consideration. What makes a plan good is the probability of it being successful. Having that in mind you should be extra cautious. You need to be at least a little motivated for even starting to work on the activities from your plan. Once you do, try to make revisions of your plan regularly and improve where possible.

What I also consider amazing is the liberating feeling of having no deadlines. Many people speak about the importance of having a timeframe for every activity. But I honestly think that there are plans which don’t require it. Sometimes your plan is successful once you make it a routine. Over the past few years, some of my greatest achievements occurred because I formed a habit after executing actions from a good plan for a significant period of time.

I will probably write a blog post soon about what’s my plan with this blog. Right now, I’m trying my best to write more often. I’m allowing myself unlimited revisions on this one. 🙂

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